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FICAT is configured as a space of accompaniment and legal advice and as a space of formation for new lawyers and for those citizens interested in the defense of a democratic and equal society. This work is complemented by the search, together with other legal professionals, social entities, universities and public administrations, of legal and institutional action strategies that favor the defense and the rights of individuals and groups that are at risk or in a situation of social exclusion.

Since 2013, we have opted to develop new social integration projects with the aim of working towards social cohesion.

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Nora Project

Nora Project

Nora Project is a part of our investigation program about the phenomenon of forced marriage.
Blog de FICAT

Blog de FICAT

In Ficat's blog, you will find news, articles, courses and events related to access to justice.

  • Fundació FICAT (@fundacioficat)

    Fundació FICAT (@fundacioficat)

    Aquest novembre donem inici al curs de formació: Del Triangle Nord a Catalunya: violència, migracions i refugi al @ConventAgusti, completament gratuït! INSCRIPCIONS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Fundació FICAT (@fundacioficat)

    RT @eicascantic: Encetem un nou curs de Mòdul C per obtenir el certificat del servei de primera acollida de Catalunya Recordem que el curs…

  • Fundació FICAT (@fundacioficat)

    RT @ceesc_cat: Avui participem a la presentació del Projecte Europeu MOOC "Minorities as Opportunity and Occasion for Chrysalis" amb @funda

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